As of August 1, 2012,

Suburban Propane Partners (NYSE: SPH)

has acquired the retail propane operations of

Inergy, L.P. (NYSE: NRGY)

Suburban Propane Partners (NYSE: SPH) has been in the customer service business since 1928. A Master Limited Partnership since 1996, Suburban is a value-oriented company managed for long-term, consistent performance.

Headquartered in Whippany, New Jersey, Suburban is a nationwide marketer and distributor of a diverse array of products to meet the energy needs of our customers, specializing in propane, fuel oil and refined fuels, as well as the marketing of natural gas and electricity in deregulated markets. With nearly 4,500 full-time employees, Suburban maintains business operations in 41 states, providing prompt, reliable service to more than 1,300,000 residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers through approximately 750 locations.

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Inergy, L.P. (NYSE: NRGY) headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is a publicly traded master limited partnership and continues to own and operate a growing midstream natural gas and natural gas liquids (NGL) business. Inergy's operations include a natural gas storage business in Texas and an NGL supply logistics, transportation, and wholesale marketing business that serves customers in the United States and Canada. Through its general partner interest and majority equity ownership interest in Inergy Midstream, L.P. (NYSE:NRGM), Inergy is also engaged in the development and operation of natural gas and NGL storage and transportation business in the Northeast region of the United States.

If you are interested in the midstream operations of Inergy, including the wholesale distribution of propane and other NGLs, click here for Inergy, L.P.'s website.